21 November 2007

Hotel California

Touchdown in San Diego! Here I am on the west coast, first time in SoCal. I've been to NorCal a few times, but everyone says it could be an entirely different state. We'll see. It's a balmy 65 degrees here, I like it.

The flight was unevenful, a few bumps along the way but nothing major. The inflight movie was Transformers, it was well worth a second viewing. ANd my iPod headphones worked in the jacks, so I didn't have to pay for a headset. After the movie Futurama came on, but I did some work on the old laptop instead. My music is all kinds of jacked up, so I took the last hour of the flight to fix it.

I have't seen Patty since she left for San Diego. She looks tired. I know she's been really stressed out here, it's a challenge picking up and leaving everything you've ever known behind and starting a new life in a completely different place. That's part of why I'm here - to bring a little happiness and help her find her joy again.

We're walking in a 5K tomorrow, Father Joe's Thanksgiving Day 5K. It benefits the homeless here in SD. I'm taking my camera along the walk with me, as the route looks to be very scenic. The route starts at the San Diego Museum of Man in Balboa Park, right near where Patty works at the Naval Medical Center

We're out to buy stuff for Turkey Day tomorrow. More updates as I can.

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