01 December 2007

the gods aren't angry

Friday night I went with a bunch of awesome guys to check out Rob Bell's current speaking tour, the gods aren't angry. It was my first time seeing him speak, but I've been a fan of the Nooma videos and I've read both of his books.

You can see a synopsis of the talk here, my limited recollection wouldn't do it justice. The time spent roadtripping with the guys was just as relevant to me as the talk was. I love stuff like that, building bonds, iron sharpening iron.

The biggest thing I got out of the talk came at the end. Rob wound the talk down by sharing stories of people he's spoken with in the course of his ministry. Stories of amazing grace and incredible pain, of people being Christ on display and helping to heal this out-of-control world. He ended by saying "May you remember God is Love". God is love.

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Anonymous said...

We saw Rob in Grand Rapids-Pretty good and captivating