30 January 2008

Confrontation in the library

I went to the library last night on Robb Ave. My intention was to pick up a few books, but it turned into me having to call 911...

There were some kids there screwing around, two in particular were being very rude and disrespectful, they were using foul language and generally being morons. They focused on a young girl in particular, harassing her and really making her uncomfortable. She was sitting at one of the computers trying to ignore them, but they weren't letting up.

The librarian came over to them and told them they needed to go sit down and behave, or else she would ask them to leave. Well the one started mouthing off right away to her, almost daring her to do something. There was a woman there with two young kids, and she started lecturing the two idjits about the language they were using and their behavior, and they turned and started cussing at her.

This is where I stepped in. I put myself between the kids and the woman and politely asked them to leave. They stopped jabbering and looked at me. I repeated it, I said "the librarian asked you to leave, please do so." One of them looked at me and said 'Why do I need to leave, I'm not doing anything."

I said "You're being rude and disrepectful, and you're disturbing everyone else in here. Please leave now or I will call the police." He made as if to shove me, and I stepped closer to him to get him off balance. He wasn't expecting that, and I moved closer - this forced him to back up towards the door, which was my intention. The other one said - who was all of a sudden very quiet - "Go ahead and call the cops, I don't care."

I took out my phone and called 911, while herding them towards the door. They kept backing up and out the door. The dispatcher came on, and I told her what was happening and described the two kids. They started mouthing again, but this time they were getting on their bikes and headed for the street. The last I saw them they took off down the street. I told the dispatcher this, and she said she'd let the Cheviot Police know.

I went back in to the library and both the woman and the librarian thanked me for stepping in. The librarian said she's had trouble with these two before, and this time she will contact their school and tell them they are not permitted back into the library.

Where's the respect anymore? This generation of kids seems to have not the slightest ounce of respect for anyone or anything other than themselves? Is it home life? TV? Internet? I don't know. But what I do know is that if I had behaved anything like most kids today, my dad would have whaled the tar out of me. But you can't do that these days, that's child abuse. Bull. I had my fair share of spankings when I was a kid, and I'm not a crazed serial killer...

I'll probably stop back at the library tonight, just to be sure those kids aren't causing more problems.


Anonymous said...

If you need any help, call me. I got your back on this one.

M Steg

Reverb said...

I'm going to need to make up some badges for the Believer's Bodyguard Battalion.

You down wit' BBB? Yeah you know me!