16 January 2008

Silky like Milky

So I walk into Kroger this morning to get some bananaanananas and I pass a display of Kashi - 2 boxes of GoLean Crunch for $5.00, plus a coupon for a free half-gallon of Silk Soy Milk. Intriguing... I'm not a big fan of soy milk - milk comes from cows, not beans. But for $5.00, what the heck, I eat a box of GoLean a week, so I went for it and I picked up the vanilla flavor Silk, along with 4 bananananananas.

Once I got to work I made myself a bowl of the Kashi and splashed the Silk over it. I looked at the color - it was kinda yellowish, like a pale butter. Not good; I like my milk to be white unless it's chocolate. I tentatively sampled it, and it wasn't bad. A different texture than I'm used to, but the flavor wasn't bad. I polished off the bowl and had a banananananana and now I'm full.
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