08 March 2008

Snow Day Part Duex

Here's the view looking up my street. That's my truck on the right

Todd, Bruce, and I decided to walk over to Kroger to pick up a few things. I needed stuff to make chili, and Todd had a couple items he wanted. Bruce came along because he was wanting to get out of his house for a bit

Kroger was packed! The lot was full, and people were in a full shopping frenzy inside.

The road crews were out in full force - this was one of three snowplows in a row that went by. I don't like the dirty, nasty, slushy stuff. Say what you want about it, there's few things prettier than a fresh blanket of white snow

Here's my truck, he's a little cold. I'll have to clear him soon, it's supposed to get down to 13 tonight, so that nice snow covering is going to be rock-hard tomorrow morning.

One last look up the street. It really is quite pretty, and it's going to be around for a while

The walk was good, I'm going to call it 3 activity points since it was a little tough walking through all the snow for 1/2 mile round trip. But it was worth more, since I got to chat with Todd and Bruce on the way.