30 March 2008

The World Without Us

I forget what list I stumbled across this book on, but I'm thankful for it. This book has been pretty amazing so far, and I'm just halfway through it.

Basically, it's about what would happen to our planet should all human life vanish. It details how nature would slowly flex her muscles and take back what what we've claimed. It's really showing me how we as humans are not only consuming our planet, but destroying it as well.

Entire species have vanished. Vast forests have been decimated. Plants and animals have been imported into foreign ecosystems with devastating results. Rivers run dry, and there are deserts where there once was abundance. But there's hope.

Reading on you can see how God made this planet to cure itself. Without human interference, the balance will be restored. Scars will remain, but life will flourish and take back what we've paved over.

It's a book about hope and rebirth. Your library probably has it. Read it. Share your thoughts.

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