08 April 2008


At group last night, we met at Todd Burroughs house since Ryan is on a mission trip. Todd's wife, Racheal, offered to cook for us. Now, Todd sent an email earlier saying what was on the menu, but Todd likes to fool around so none of us believed him. Imagine our surprise when we sat down to… Ready for this? Ok - Racheal is from Uganda, so she made us a traditional Ugandan dinner of… Goat stew.

Yeah. Goat stew. I was a little unprepared for that. But I figured when was the next time I was going to eat goat stew? So I grabbed a knife, fork, and spoon (had to, the goat was in BIG hunks) and dug in. It wasn't the first time I had goat, I've had curried goat before, but still, I wasn't expecting to see a big hunk of goat meat in my bowl. It was pretty tasty, albeit a little tough. It was a little like lamb, and a little like beef. There were tons of veggies in the stew also; potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, onions - a very satisfying meal.

Now, a couple of the guys are less than adventurous, and ordered pizza. Personally, I thought that was rather insulting to Racheal, since she went to the trouble of making us a meal. But, I can understand their hesitation. There are some foods I'd really rather not eat also. I did some research on goat, turns out that goat is the most widely consumed red meat in the world, and also the most heart friendly. Gram for gram goat meat has less cholesterol and saturated fat than chicken. 3oz of goat has 122 calories, 2.5 grams of fat (.8 saturated), and 23 grams of protein!

I polished off my bowl, got a little more veggies and broth, and turned down the pizza and later the ice cream that Todd brought out. Then we hit the book of Phillipians, and Paul said to us "Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe" Kinda like eating goat stew and not fretting about it.

Peace out.


orac said...

pr0kforums misses you...

DanThoms said...

I must say, I ate two bowls full, than ate 2 slices of pizza, and than ate the ice cream.