13 April 2008

Love Wins

We put our hearts on the line every time we love. We reach out and embrace our loves, be they our brothers and sisters, our romances, our friends. We bare our souls to some, hide things from others, laugh, cry, share, worship, grow, and play.

We serve because we love. We make time for others, knowing we have things we need to tend to, because we love. Love is why we take that 3 AM phone call from a crying friend. Love is what compels us to reach out to someone and ask if there's anything we can do to help ease their burden. A simple act of kindness can mean the world to someone in pain.

Love comes at a price. Love hurts. Love makes us do crazy things. Love makes us cry. Sometimes we have to let go of those that we love in order to live. Love can be the greatest feeling in the world, and love can bring us to our knees in absolute despair. It's because of God's great love for us that he sent His Son to be broken on the cross so that we would be cleansed of our sins.

Don't be afraid to love. Don't be scared to lay your heart out for people to see. Love is powerful, nothing is as wonderful as love. Love will always win.

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