23 April 2008

Roadkill, almost

I just got in from walking 4.17 miles , and I was almost killed.

I was in the crosswalk on Harrison at Everett. This huge Suburban, whose driver apparently isn't accustomed to looking both ways, almost nailed me. He had to slam on his brakes and swerve back out onto Harrison when he realized I was in the crosswalk. It's still light out, I have on a light colored shirt, and I'm wearing my reflective armband that also flashes a red light... and he didn't see me.

I stopped short and jumped back, twisting my knee a bit in the process. The driver of the SUV politely apologized for nearly smearing me across his grill and drives on. No, what he really did was start screaming and cursing at me for having the audacity to be walking in a clearly marked crosswalk when he was driving through it. I stood there in silence until he finished, then said "Are you ok? You seem a little shook up."


He just looked at me. I think he was expecting me to blow up at him, but instead I turned it and asked if he was ok. I'm standing there rubbing me knee, my heart going at 200bpm (without benefit of tennis balls) and I'm asking him if he's ok. He didn't answer so I said "Ok then, enjoy the night" and went on walking.

There was a time in my past when I would have went off on him, where I would have been in his face screaming about it. But that's not who I am any longer. That Steve is put away for good.

So now I'm home, I have ice on my knee and I've popped four Motrin. Going to shower then head off to bed.

Love Wins.


DanThoms said...

Excellent, the new Steve is a better Steve. The new Steve also would have flown a lot farther than the old Steve if he got hit by an SUV.

ShawnS said...

Excellent man! That's the best way you could've responded. Had it been me I probably would've stared at him and shook my head in disbelief until he drove off.

Get the license plate? You can probably send him a bill for the Motrin.

Guitarist.J said...

If thats not showing God's love in a practical way than what is????

Helen Ann said...

Awesome response! I hope I can be that graceful the next time someone tries to commit vehicular homicide on me!

Love Wins that one...He'll probably never forget that!