11 October 2009

Rage Against the Parking Lot

After church today I had to stop over at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a bath rug (it's a domestic thing I was unaware of until recently) and Target for a few other items and had a little trouble in the parking lot.

The shopping plaza where BB&Y is located is fairly busy, there are a number of popular stores there, and we Westsiders don't like to venture out into the wilds beyond our own comfortable environs. I got lucky and scored a fairly close parking spot, right between my two destinations. I went in to BB&Y, wandered a few minutes gawking at stuff, found what I needed, and headed back to my car to put the bag in my trunk before heading over to Target. As I walked down the row where I parked, behind me I heard a car turn into the row. I popped my trunk, put my bag in, closed her up, and headed towards Target.


I kept walking


I turned around. The woman driving the car I heard had her turn signal on and was pointing at my car. I looked at my car, didn't see anything wrong, and turned back towards Target


I turned around again, and saw her saying "I want that f*****g space!" and pointing again at my car. I pointed at Target and said "Sorry."

She went freaking nuts.

She had kids in the car.

She was screaming and flipping me off and ranting and raving like I just defiled one of her children. I mean she was going absolutely nuts. Her poor kids in the back seat looked horrified. Didn't stop her. She was flinging F-bombs and all kinds of fun stuff my way. All over a parking spot.

I walked away. I walked towards Target instead of engaging in this battle, there no way for anyone to win it. And this was just over a parking spot. I'd hate to see what she'd do over something really serious, like a hangnail or spilled milk. And those kids, with that kind of rage she was showing, I'd hate to see what their home life is like. I'd hate to see how she is around Christmas when the parking lots are really full. I'd hate to see her blood pressure.

Why? What good did it to? It terrified her kids, and didn't get her a parking spot. I just don't understand. I hope she found some peace.


DanThoms said...

Wow, that's terrible. What's wrong with people? Must have been a good spot.

Nick Calcara said...

That is a sad story. I used to have that kind of rage. I'm glad that I was able to allow God to open my eyes and soften my heart. But then again, if it was me, I would have gladly backed over her car to open up the space.

Joel Slaton said...

If I wasn't 1000 miles away, I'd think that was my wife. Glad to hear the outrage is still strong in Cincy.