09 November 2009

You've Ruined Me...

My plan is working! I just got an email from Carol:

From: Carol Nixon
Sent: Monday, November 09, 2009 1:04 PM
To: Steve Nixon
Subject: You've ruined me...

We are discussing the wiring of the pinout connectors on the back of a unit and we got to the Alarm Beacon pinout. All the sudden something came over me and I said,

"Beacon, beacon, beacon, BEEAACOONNNNNNN!" All I could say was, I picked it up from my husband. He likes to imitate the dog on the beggin' strips commercial?. Feel sorry for me?

How awesome is that? ;)


Seriously... which is funnier?


Evan said...

That is awesome.

I was looking over some notes my wife took when she was booking a cruise for us. She used the delta symbol every time she needed to write "change".

I gave her a high-five right away.

Anonymous said...
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