19 December 2009


Every day at work, I walk up and down a flight of stairs with my hand on the handrail. Yesterday, a flood of thoughts came into my mind as I was trying to not spill my coffee or let the strap of my laptop bag slip off my shoulder...

1. I wonder who had their hand on handrail before me?
2. Did they sneeze into their hand and not wash their hands afterwards?
3. Eeeeew!
4. Would I shake their hand knowing that?
5. Why am I disturbed by that thought?
6. God is not disturbed by us... by any of us. Even the sick people sneezing gobs of mucus into their hands
7. Why?
8. Because God doesn't put value on our external selves - He sees the beauty he constructed within each of us.

And then I made it to the top of the stairs...

What am I looking at when I see someone? Am I looking at their clothes, their hair, or their weakness? Or am I looking at them through God's eyes? How about you?


Francy said...

Just don't look at me through Chuck Norris's eyes.

Francy said...

Just don't look at me though Chuck Norris's eyes.