05 April 2010

40 days...

On Ash Wednesday, I committed to drinking nothing but water for the next 40 days.  Today, I had my first mug of coffee since that day.  Oh my, was it glorious.

Last night I took out the Breville grinder I received as a wedding gift, carefully cleaned the grinder and cup, and got it all ready to go for this morning.  it sat there and gleamed at me...  taunting me with its promise of coffee goodness.
 The hussy.  Look at her, gleaming wantonly with her chrome and plastic.  Just begging for her knob to be twisted and her button to be pressed...

I obliged...  I filled that cup with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe that my friend Roger roasted.  I ground it without remorse, poured it into my Bodum French press, added water, and waited...  4 long minutes I waited.

Oh yeah... this is good stuff.  How I missed you, my beloved coffee.

But seriously, I did this to draw attention to a larger problem:  Access to safe, clean drinking water for the people of Uganda.  Every day, thousands of Africans must hike miles a day just for access to water, and the water is usually contaminated.  Blood:Water Mission  works in each community to provide the best solution for clean water; wells, filters, or another method.  The money I saved by not buying coffee is going to this mission.  Overall, the total number of items given up by the people participating was 21,709, and the total funds raised for Uganda $34,670!  Very cool, I'm glad I got to be a part of that.

If you want to give towards this mission, or take part in another one of their campaigns, you can do so here.

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