20 September 2010

Amazon Overdoes It...

Ok...  I love Amazon.com, let's get that out of the way. first.  If you look at my buying history there, you'll see my first purchase there was in 1998 and my most recent one was Friday.  Even better is my Prime membership, especially since I can share it with Carol.

A couple things bug me though;  number one being lack of customer pickup.  I work right near Amazon's distribution centers in Hebron.  I would love to be able to pick up my orders instead of having them shipped to me.  It would not only save time, but cut down on oil consumption.

Here's a more recent complaint.  Packaging.  They are really overdoing it with the packaging.  We recently got a back wedge for Carol to help with her GERD, and the box that it was packed in could have doubled as a rowboat.  To top it off, it had over a hundred feet of paper inside.  Check these out.

I am at one end of the hall in our condo building.  That's Carol at the other end.

Carol is standing on our balcony, I'm in the parking lot:

We're on the second floor...  Here's where I was in the lot.

X marks the spot...

Rapunzel!  Rapunzel!  Throw down your Amazon packing material!

So... Amazon.  Great stuff, great prices.  Can we do something about the packing?  And maybe add customer pickup?


Brandon Sharitt said...

But one area where Amazon does excel in package is that hassle free packaging. Recently I bought an HDMI cable and an optical audio cable and it was so nice to just be able to open the box and remove the cable instead of cutting my hands which trying to rip open some unholy union of plastics that normally make up retail cable packaging.

Francy said...

I haven't had issues like that with packaging. I usually get thos air-filled pouches. You can give the packing material to Dan. He'll re-use it.

FoodHussy said...

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