19 April 2011

Tread on Trafficking

Originating in the Love146 Boston Task Force, Tread on Trafficking is a virtual event that happens across the globe beginning May 1st, 2011.

Those who tread on trafficking put their foot down to raise awareness about child sex slavery and funds to care for survivors and those vulnerable to exploitation. Treaders ask sponsors to support them for the number of miles or hours they spend running, swimming, biking, or working out in some form over the eight week period of May and June.

Becoming a treader is really simple, anyone, anywhere can sign up. All proceeds raised by those treading benefit the work of Love146.

How can you help?
  1. Sponsor me!  You can make a donation here
  2. Join the Love146 Cincinnati Metro team here
  3. Set a goal for the total number of miles or hours you’ll walk, bike, swim, etc... between May 1st and June 30th.  My personal goal is 120 walking miles (not in a row!!)
  4. Find sponsors to pledge to support you financially, either for miles/hours completed, or in one time gifts.
  5. Get your tee and use it to spread the word about your efforts to end child trafficking, pick up one here.
  6. Start treading! By yourself, with friends, or a team - with every step you’ll be contributing to the protection and restoration of children.
  7. Encourage others to join you! Even after the 8 weeks have begun it's never too late to start fighting injustice.
  8. Join the Love146 Cincinnati Metro Task force.
Thanks for reading this, and thanks for your support.

Love Protects. Love Defends. Love Restores. Love Empowers.

We are Love146.

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