15 March 2008


Just got back from my latest weigh-in.

Here I am in August 07 - 2 weeks after I started on WW (disregard the tiara!)

Here I am yesterday - 7 months later

60.4 pounds lighter! Yay God and yay me!

I feel a whole lot better - more energy, more stamina, I want to get out and do more stuff instead of vegging. I do need to buy a bunch of clothes, I'm hitting Goodwill for now for basic stuff like jeans and tee's, but I'm spending a little more on work clothes. I've pretty much had to replace everything I used to wear.

I want to get to 185, that's another 75 pounds. I'll be there hopefully by the end of the year - that's a conservative 8 lbs a month loss.


j steg said...

you are cool

Jen said...

Wow! You look a lot different from your original pic to the newest. Congrats Steve! Now, if I could just lose my extra 20 lbs from having my 3rd c-section. :)