10 January 2010

Where did they get all those pinwheels?

This video was delivered to me by persons unknown. I uploaded and am sharing it solely as a public service

Pinwheel from Steve Nixon on Vimeo.

I assume no responsibility for the actions depicted here.


Helen Ann said...


Jenny said...

Well, I heard about it, but the video is so much better. :)

melanie said...

Oh my gosh. I laughed so hard. The very-thought-out jump at the end was hysterical. You are a good man, Steve.

Can you tell Carol that the cats love the toys? Like, completely LOVE them. The dogs didn't know what to do with the bones at first, then have since moved on to loving them. Jack has asked me to ask you...to ask Carol (whew) where she got the bones because he wants to buy the same ones for the dogs! Scooby would keep his with him and Hazel would not be able to get near it, but she watched and waited. As soon as Scooby went to sleep, she crawled up, on her belly dragging her two back feet...and took it.

inspiredheart said...

I have to ask..... Was Bob involved in this mission?