21 January 2010

Knees = Boobs?

I had an IM convo with a pal that went like this:
Friend: can i ask you a question?
me: You just did. :)
Friend: do knees remind you of tatas?
me: uhm... no
Friend: ok thanks I'm having a discussion with some Christian women about what's modest, and apparently knees look like boobs and therefore you should NEVER show them lest you cause a man to be tempted
me: seriously? How about covering the ankles as well. Ankles look like little boobs
Friend: yes and then there's the toe cleavage issue
me: And elbows, they're just smaller knees!
Friend: exactly
me: And you know, men expose their fingers, and we all know what fingers look like...
Friend: exactly!!!!  What do you think about this whole concept that what we as women wear could cause you weak minded men to stumble (their words, not mine)
me: there is some truth to that, if there's already an inclination to ogle women. And some women don't feel it's wrong to dress in revealing clothing - low cut or tight-fitting. But for someone to say knees look like boobs, well that's just laughable and sounds like the days when women were little more than property
Friend: do you think though, that men can/should be able to govern their own thoughts? or is there a responsibility on women (not hookers) to "protect" mens minds?
me: Women are not responsible for what goes on in a man's mind any more than a man is responsible for what goes on in a woman's mind. Each should take responsibility for their own thoughts
Friend: thanks
me: np
Seriously? There are people who think like this still?  I did some Googling, and it seems that the Mormons are pretty big on covering up any skin that might be "tempting".  Kind of like the Taliban.

Yes, Jesus did say if you lust in your heart you've committed adultery, but I can't think of any passage in scripture that even remotely says "Ladies, your knees look like boobs.  Cover them up."

Your thoughts?


Helen Ann said...

There are people who believe just about anything you can think of.

melanie said...

I must admit it did take me a while to figure out what you meant when you said that fingers looked like something...