25 March 2010

Steve Driehaus

Ok listen up...

I don't care what side of the health care brouhaha you fall on. For it, against it, indifferent, it doesn't matter. But you are flat out WRONG if you are advocating violence or making threats against Steve Driehaus and his family in any way, shape or form.

YOU ARE WRONG. It's that simple. You are wrong.

I read this morning where a blog published Steve Driehaus's home address and encouraged people to show up there - now his wife, Denise, is afraid to let their kids out of the house; she fears for their safety. Can you blame her? In the just the past few days, there have been death threats toward members of congress, windows broken, and obscene phone calls to Driehaus' office. The Cincinnati Democratic party had a brick thrown through its window!

Another blog, this one a Catholic voice, is calling for Driehaus to be excommunicated from the Catholic church. John Boehner called out Driehaus, saying he "may be a dead man" and "can’t go home to the west side of Cincinnati because the Catholics will run him out of town." Seriously? That's a fantastic idea... let's show God's love by kicking out someone who we don't agree with. That's exactly what Jesus would have done. With all the other problems the Catholic church is facing, Driehaus is the least of their issues.

I don't have an answer to all of this, but I know it's not violence or kicking a man and his family out of their church. And Steve, if you get wind of this post, I know you'd be welcomed at my church, Vineyard Westside, the church where Love Wins.

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Helen Ann said...

Well said, Steve...Everyone needs to chill out.