19 March 2010


We haven't done one of these in a while, so...

Carol and I headed out to CVS to get a few things. We live in an area seemingly surrounded by CVS and Walgreens, there are 3 Walgreens and 2 CVS' within 2 miles of us. It's like Starbucks, only with more adult diapers.

This one is at the intersection of Harrison and Bridgetown, right on the cusp of Cheviot and Green Township.

Right away, Carol spotted something for my co-worker Rick.

I'm sure he'll appreciate it...

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Do you think these work with my eyes?

Carol offered to attach them with this. Then said it would work well on my mouth as well.

The first place I look for gummy worms is always with the contact solutions. It just makes sense.

My, what a big eye I have.

We knew we wanted this, but we couldn't remember why.

Note to kids: I am a trained professional, do not try this at home.

Her face says it all. These things are disgusting, unless you happen to like chalk with a vague fruit flavor.

We weren't quite sure why this little guy was hanging out here, but he looks happy.

Apparently, the heart on here means "Eat this if you want your heart to stop." Since it has about 18 quadrillion grams of fat in one serving.

What? I was keeping Carol from getting at them. Yeah, that's what I was doing.


I think she likes this...

And thus concludes our trip to CVS. We found a few good deals, and had a little fun. Next up, one of the nearby dollar stores.

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Helen Ann said...

mmmmm Big Fat Reese's Easter thing....Can't go wrong there!

Tonja said...

Of course the gummy worms go with the contact stuff. Everybody knows that. Duh! :)