02 September 2010

Only human

I am only human.

I wonder how the world would change if we only expected ourselves to be human. 

If I expect myself to be human, then I wouldn’t expect myself to be able to give to all the things I want to give to.

If I expect myself to be human, then I wouldn’t kick myself when I don’t make dinner for Carol and myself because I’m too tired.

If I expect myself to be human, I wouldn't get mad at myself for letting other peoples actions make me angry

On the other hand, What if we let the people around us be human?

What if we could really let it go when people let us down?  Or do something we don't agree with?

What if we bless those who persecute us? Rejoice with those are rejoicing? Mourn with the mourners?

What if we would forgive our neighbors and love our enemies?

Wouldn't that make for a better world?

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Lisa Turner said...

Hello Steve;

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Best regards,