03 December 2010

I Was Going To Buy A Phone

I was going to buy a phone today.  I had been setting a little aside each payday, $10 here, $5 there, until I had enough.

I was going to buy a Samsung Epic.  I have an upgrade credit from Sprint, and that plus what I had saved would have covered the cost.  It's a beautiful phone; 4G, Android OS, full QWERTY keyboard and other goodies

It was going to be a Christmas present for myself.  But... something happened.

I got an email earlier today, about an hour or so before I was going to head out and purchase the phone.  Someone had taken a serious financial hit today, and now had nothing for food, let alone Christmas presents for their kids. 

Here I was, accessories all purchased ahead of time so I would have a case, screen shield, and car charger for my new toy, and as I read that email, I knew that I didn't need that phone.  I knew what I had to do.  I knew what God was showing me.  I didn't need the new, shiny toy.  My current phone is just fine, I just wanted something nicer.  I didn't need it, I wanted it.

I brought them the money.  I handed it over and I felt joy, true joy.  This was a far greater feeling than I would have had from a phone.  I was able to share some of what I've been blessed with.

That is better than any toy.

This family is still struggling, if anyone would like to help out, you can email me


Helen Ann said...

You always have a generous heart, bro!

Kelly said...

You rock, Steve Nixon. Miss you guys.

Elaine said...

Way to go!

Anonymous said...

The cool thing is not just feeling the tug God puts on your heart, but the fact that you listened and acted is what makes my heart smile