09 September 2009


So, there's this guy Rick I work with. Rick is a little, shall we say paranoid about the Swine Flu, H1N1, whatever you want to call it. And me, being my compassionate, understanding self, decided to poke a little fun at Rick...

Enlisting my contacts in the medical field (namely my mom), I obtained a few key items to turn Rick's normally neat and tidy cubicle into something out of The Hot Zone.

The culprit!

Rick was in shock when he got back from lunch

Not sure what do to, he immediately called the Centers for Disease Control, after taking the proper precautions.

Rick, how do you feel?

Hamthrax 1 from Steve Nixon on Vimeo.

I'm pretty sure Rick and the little swine agreed to be friends

And after Rick realized he really wasn't infected with the the Hamthrax, he had a good laugh.

Untitled from Steve Nixon on Vimeo.

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